Remexx | Furniture for Education


All Remexx products carry a fair wear and tear guarantee against faulty workmanship.

Our products are designed for heavy educational use and will provide years of service in a school environment.

The Remexx product comes with a minimum 12 month manufacturer's warranty, although in most cases it is much longer. Our extended warranty does not infringe your legal rights. You can check the guarantee period by clicking on any of the products in the range where the guarantee medallion will be displayed on the page.

Ours is a fair wear and tear policy and we will replace or repair any product that is damaged due to a manufacturing fault free of charge. This guarantee does not cover malicious or accidental damage, or damage caused by improper use.

In the unlikely event of a problem, please take in-situ photographs of the damaged products and make contact with us and we will resolve it quickly. Please don’t return products without first contacting us.